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Transforming Our Lives through Self Reflection and Psychology
A psychology professor's collection of lessons fostering self-discovery through online activities, hands-on classroom experiences, engaging lectures, and effective discussion prompts.
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Class-Specific Teaching Resources

Organized Materials by Psychology Course

Tailored collection of online activities, classroom experiences, and essays organized around specific classes.
I'm a Psychology professor who taught math to underprivileged elementary & middle school students, physics at an all-girls high school, & psychology to high school, undergraduate, & graduate students. I have taught a diverse range of college psychology classes including intro, social, developmental, cognitive, and special topics in education, infancy, & creativity.
Schoolgirls sitting on desk holding hands creating images with hands and chalkboard.
Introductory Psychology
Online and classroom materials organized to help with our foundational intro classes.
Social Psychology
Is it you or situations you find yourself in? Social contexts and our role of construal (e.g., interpretations) shape our lives and cultures.
Developmental Psychology
How do we grow through infancy, childhood, adolescence, and adulthood? How do nature, nurture, our individual differences, and our active choices matter?
Neuroscience & BioPsychology
Understanding connections among our bodies, endocrine processes (e.g., hormones), & nervous systems (e.g., brain) and our minds.
Cognitive Psychology
What’s universal about processes of attention, perception, memory, and problem-solving?
Mental Health & Wellness
What can we do when our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors aren’t helpful? How did things go awry? Can therapy help?
Research Methods & Statistics
Science means we don’t think - we find out. How do we collect data and find patterns without bias?
Math & Natural Sciences
Can Psychology complement other Physics, Chemistry, and Biology despite our seeming struggle to reach the same level of precision with our predictions?
Arts, Literature, & Humanities
Doing science isn’t living life. Can Psychology complement other fields and help us fin meaning in our deeply personal, subjective, and spiritual experiences?