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Transforming Our Lives through Self Reflection and Psychology
A psychology professor's collection of lessons fostering self-discovery through online activities, hands-on classroom experiences, engaging lectures, and effective discussion prompts.
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Psychology Lessons Fostering Self-Discovery

I love teaching! Immersing myself designing lessons fosters my creativity, and I feel so much joy watching moments students experience they're own ah ha moments. My guiding light designing classes focuses on helping students foster their own self-reflection, understand differently, and experience their own metamorphosis.I began tutoring in high school and college, designed class lessons as a graduate student, and keep refining lessons like works of art as a professor. Today, established in my career, I’d like to give everything away and I hope something inspires you to make it your own!
Selfie of Katie Grobman, sitting on bed in a white skirt and dainty black top.
Katie Grobman
Easter,;Pacific Grove, CA
Selfie of Katie Grobman, sitting on bed in a white skirt and dainty black top.
Abigail Grobman
Halloween, Baton Rouge, LA
Copernican Revolution?

Nicolaus Copernicus (1514) discovered the Earth is not the center of the universe forever changing how humanity understands our place and providing fertile ground for blossoming science with Galileo Galilei. Immanuel Kant coined "Copernican Revolution" reimagining Philosophy so we step back and ask ourselves how we know what we know. Jean Piaget described children's qualitative stage shifts as their personal Copernican Revolutions. And Thomas Kuhn modeled paradigm shifts of scientific progress as analogous to Piaget's model of children's development. I feel Copernican Revolutions are education at its best. We're not learning isolated facts; we struggle and develop ourselves in profoundly new ways.
Self-Reflection Online Activities
Psychology concepts and individual differences demonstrated with instant feedback and essays explaining your results. .So please enjoy even if you don't teach Psychology!
Engaging Classroom Experiences
Hands-on activities, lectures segments with hooks, and discussions with scaffolding
Pedagogical Research & Essays
Empirical studies, personal reflection essays, and topic-focused articles hopefully helping us teach and learn.
Organized Materials by Course
Tailored collection of online activities, classroom experiences, and essays organized around class.

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Katie Hope Grobman
Sometimes it’s meaningful and helpful recognizing our teachers weren’t always who stands in front of us. I share about hobbies and my topsy turvy path through life,