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Copernican Revolution Activities

Imagine you’d like to know how capable all the animals of the forest are, so you devise an ability test – how well do you climb trees.  Monkey’s excel!  But fish flounder.  (Pun intended.)  Does that mean fish are really less capable, or is it really just misleading to measure everybody on the same scale.  When it comes to intelligence, Howard Gardner suggests there’s not just one “general” IQ, but instead multiple intelligences.  In this activity you’ll complete a self-report survey of your talents and abilities to see which kinds of intelligences might be in your repertoire for handling life’s challenges.

Estimated Time for Completion: [items/9] to [items/4.5] minutes

This activity is part of the Copernican Revolution Project, created by Dr. Kevin Grobman of California State University - Monterey Bay, to help everyone learn about psychological concepts through self-exploration. At the end you'll receive your personalized results, a guide for interpreting them, and a certificate of completion (e.g., for a teacher offering class credit).
Occasionally I combine your results with many other people to improve feedback.  Sometimes I combine different activities to discover new psychology findings and to share with others (e.g., conference presentations with other Psychology professors).  I also sometimes make anonymized datasets for students to practice statistical analyses and for researchers to test hypotheses.  Regardless, I never single particular people out and all responses are confidential.  Of course, you can share your results with anyone you choose!
Please feel free to skip any items you prefer not to answer.  Though your results may become less precise and less accurate the more items you skip, you'll still get your results.
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Is it okay for your responses to part of the Copernican Revolution Project?  If you're not comfortable participating, that's completely okay!  You can still get your results, read the guides, and you'll still get a certificate for class credit (if applicable).